Many who have been having to use pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors for many years can understand the unfortunate side effects which often come with them. Pills for pain, depression, insomnia, and muscle spasms all come with a laundry list of side effects which may even be worse than the symptom or illness they are being used to treat. Depending on the drug, these can take the form of gastrointestinal issues, headaches, and even cold-like symptoms. While the pills prescribed by a doctor are quite effective, many who suffer from these ailments are beginning to look for another way to address their symptoms, and a great number of them now buy medical weed online in Sault Ste.Marie to treat them.

Medical marijuana is used regularly to combat decreased appetite, which is often caused by illnesses such as HIV or Crohn’s disease; steadying muscle spasms related to multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, or abate nausea caused by chemotherapy procedures which cancer patients often undergo. Even with its ability to target these physical issues, it has been noted that medical marijuana is just as effective at soothing stress, calming anxiety, and managing depression. As medical marijuana has minimal side effects, especially when compared to most pharmaceutical brands, it is preferred by most for treating any number of symptoms caused by disease or disorders.

Find Your Strain

When people buy weed online in Sault Ste.Marie for their first time, it can often be confusing as they’ll be bombarded with tons of names of different buds. It’s normal to be a bit overwhelmed. Really, each bud can be categorized into one of three types: indica, sativa, or hybrid. Like pharmaceuticals, weed strains are produced to specifically treat different symptoms, and knowing which strain treats what is the key to making an informed purchase.

Indica and sativa are the two major strain types, while hybrid is just that – a combination of indica and sativa. The combination can vary depending on the bud. Some carry a higher ratio of sativa, some are more indica based, and some strains are an even 50/50 percentage of both. The proportions can affect how the strain treats certain symptoms. For example, in general, indica offers a very physical high and is therefore excellent for treating physical ailments. Joint pain, insomnia, lack of appetite, headaches, and the like. Sativa, however, can offer a more energetic high. When creating a hybrid, this can boost creativity, effectively treating depression, stress, and fatigue.

At Online Cannabis Store, we base much of our stock on the demand of those who buy medical marijuana in Sault Ste Marie, which points to a heavy demand for indica. Specifically popular are Blue God and Death Bubba, which are excellent for treating insomnia, pain, and stress. They can both provide a relaxed and sleepy effect, but have distinctly different flavours and scents. Though we notice a push towards indica, we also recognize the benefits of a good hybrid, such as Blue Diesel or Orange Cookies, and stock accordingly.

Consuming Your Weed

Seasoned medical marijuana users and those who buy weed online regularly might already be familiar with all the options available to them, but those new to the game and not necessarily interested in just smoking may feel that they don’t have a choice. Some find smoking too harsh for them, and luckily there are alternate options available. Vaping is perhaps the closest to smoking, which offers a much smoother experience. Like smoking, there are a number of different ways to vape – using vape pens, or using portable or desktop vaporizers. They all work under the same premise: they heat the cannabis temperature slightly below its combustion point (approximately 200°C). This avoids the release of tar and carcinogens as associated with smoking.

For others who wish to avoid the concept altogether, edibles are an option. While pre-made aren’t always available from online marijuana dispensary shops, it’s incredibly easy to make your own. It can even be fun if you enjoy cooking or baking. Infusing medical marijuana with fatty oils or butter, then incorporating it into your favourite recipe is an enjoyable way to experience weed. It can even be infused into teas, depending on the flavour of the strain purchased. Experimentation is key.[/vc_column_text]