It’s fairly common knowledge to anyone who suffers from chronic insomnia, experiences nerve or joint pain, or deals with muscle spasms brought on by multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease in North Bay that these physical ailments can be incredibly difficult to treat with prescribed medications. Many pharmaceutical treatments come with varying degrees of effectiveness, while causing a host of negative side effects, sometimes making the original symptoms themselves seem almost preferable. In this case, many who deal with these physical afflictions will often turn to medical marijuana for its ability to soothe pain, relax muscles, and just give an overall calming effect, which is an excellent remedy for insomnia. In addition to its amazing potency, medical marijuana is noted for its general absence of negative side effects. This makes it an obvious choice over other pharmaceutical options and is largely behind the drive leading consumers to buy weed online in North Bay.

With proper adaptation, specific strains can be created to not only treat physical symptoms, such as nausea, but also the stresses commonly associated with mental illness, like depression and anxiety. Each of these strains can target several symptoms simultaneously, which proves especially beneficial as often things like depression and insomnia or anxiety and nausea will go hand in hand. In fact, many of those who buy medical weed online do so because of its incredible ability to treat depression and anxiety without the many negative side effects often experienced when taking pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to combat mental illness.

Categorical Strains

The different types of cannabis available to medical marijuana users can be confusing to a first timer, and it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed with names like indica, sativa, or hybrid floating around in descriptions. Thankfully, these things can be quite simply explained. They refer to the strain of cannabis, each offering a different benefit and effect for treating certain symptoms. Understanding the differences before making your first purchase is a big advantage as it ensures you’re receiving a product that’s right for you.

Every bud you see when you buy weed online can be separated into one of the three strain categories – indica, sativa, or hybrid. Indica is responsible for the commonly known relaxing high experienced by most. It’s most potent when it’s being used to fight stress, insomnia, or nerve pain. Sativa can provide more energy and encourage creativity in its users. A hybrid strain is, of course, an engineered blend of indica and sativa. Depending on its composition – sometimes having a higher ratio of indica or vice versa, or even supporting a 50/50 blend – a hybrid bud can calm nerves while evoking euphoria. Hybrid strains are most popular for consumers who buy medical marijuana in North Bay for its versatility, as it can treat fatigue, calm stress, and provide a boost to ingenuity.

Alternative Options to Smoking

As mentioned, the main reason that people turn to medical marijuana is typically to avoid the negative side effects that are often felt with pharmaceutical drugs. For this reason, many who look to consume cannabis for the first time are wary about smoking as the few side effects inherent in smoking weed are from the act of smoking itself. Some are simply irritated by smoke and find it’s harsh on their lungs and throat, so they would rather find alternate methods of consumption.

Outside the realm of smoking or vaping – another very common variant of smoking – the most popular, and arguably the most creative method of consuming cannabis is through edibles. If not buying pre-made, it can seem somewhat daunting when faced with the task of having to make edibles for yourself, but it’s actually a surprisingly easy process. There is a large number of step by step guides available online that break it down easy to follow stages. The practice involves infusing cannabis into butter or oil making what’s referred to as “cannabutter” or “canna oil”, which can be later used for cooking or baking recipes. Everyone has heard of “pot brownies”, but your cannabutter or canna oil can be used to make dips and spreads for sandwiches, soups, or even smoothies. Getting creative with your edibles can be part of your experience and you may even discover a new favourite dish.